The Rules

"Black Moon Blues" is a campaign set in Talislanta, using significantly revised Fifth Edition rules, originally published by Morrigan Press.

The OMNI System

Chapter One, The Basics (Last Updated 06-22-2015)

Chapter Two, Combat (Last Updated 06-22-2015)

Chapter Three, Skills and Quirks (Last Updated 06-22-2015)

Chapter Four, Magic (Last Updated 08-03-2015)

Chapter Five, Character Creation (Last Updated 06-22-2015)

Chapter Six, Equipment (Last Updated 06-22-2015)

Appendix A, Alchemy (Last Updated 06-19-2015)

Appendix B, Bestiary (Last Updated 11-20-2014)

Appendix H, House Rules (Last Updated 04-11-2015)

Appendix S, Sample Spells (Last Updated 08-03-2014)

Appendix T, Travel (Last Updated 11-20-2014)

The Handouts

Character Sheet

NPC Sheet

Archived Versions

Combat (Last Updated 12-29-2011)

Basic Rules Overview Text (Last Updated 12-02-2011)

Skills and Quirks (Last Updated 10-25-2011)

Magic (Last Updated 12-02-2011)

Chapter Six, Equipment (Last Updated 08-21-2011)