Game Session 1

Kylie's Notes

Alexander's Comments


(Kel) Kylie asked to help with distribution of supplies/accompany caravan to make repairs

(Tyson) Alexander Mercenary guard for the original caravan

(Kat) Gawain Guard/Guide for caravan (leader)

(Preston) Nara Farm girl resident of Preston

Or, as I like to refer to us:

"Badger", because she's short, digs tunnels, and is ferocious. I can neither confirm nor deny a soft, tickleable underbelly.

"Our Hero", because I'm so damned pretty

"Marshall", or "Johnny Law", depending on whether or not he can hear me.

"Farm Girl", because we found a lightning tossing witch in the burned out ruins of a house, and everyone wants to blame the orcs. Sure. Right.

Caravan from Arkinon to Edoras. A single wagon is sent to distribute supplies to a small farming community called Preston. The supply trip to Preston comprises one wagon of supplies with two teamsters, and three guards. For which we are paid... nothing. Well, it amounts to nothing. Food money. Why am I here? Oh, that's right. Our Hero is as selfless as he is brave!
Watches on the road; 3 watches Alexander, Gawain, Kylie. There are no attacks. Kylie snores in her sleep. Gawain has fearsome morning breath. And the two teamsters won't even dice me for lots after the trip to Edoras, superstitious peasants that they are.
Mid-Morning approaching Preston. Preston is just in site when an Orc ambush is spotted. There are two groups of Orcs; 4 smaller Orcs with sword and shield and 1 larger leader-Orc with a bow. The smaller Orcs advance while their leaders hang back and shoot. Nara joins the combat from behind the Orcs. The numbers quoted are per group. Total, two bad-assess, and 8 mooks. Against a Road Warden, a Blacksmith, and Our Hero. Admittedly, as dashing and romantic figure as you are like to find, especially this far from civilization. Luckily, we get assistance from a lightning wielding farm wench who smells of turnips. Tactically, I've seen groups of whores deliver more effective beatings than the mooks are handing out, but bloody hells, there were a lot of them. More on that in a minute.

Preston was recently invaded by orcs; burnt things and trampled ground. Nara has come from her farm (no other survivors from the attack) to the town to wait for the supply caravan. Background Knowledge; there is a bounty on orc heads (3 silver per head).

Well, I can confirm the "invaded by orcs", as all farmground looks trampled to me, and I've mentioned the lightning, right?. Well, maybe I can't even confirm the orcs attacking before us, actually. Once we arrive we don't see any bodies we can't account for personally (3 silver per head be damned), and I've already mentioned Nara's hobbies. More on that later.

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