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Fuzion Lite's method for determining success is comparing an Action Total with the Success Table. Generally speaking, this means rolling three six sided dice, adding your Skill Value, subtracting the bad guy's Skill Value, and hoping you break 11. Here's the Success Table:

Total Result
 < 10 Failure
10 to 11 Partial Success
 > 11 Success


In Technical Terms:

An Action Total is the sum of three six sided dice and an Acting value, subtracting a Resisting Value. Compare the result to the Success Table to determine if the action is successful.

The Acting Value is usually determined by Skill Level of whichever skill is most appropriate, i.e. Vigor for climbing, jumping, etc.  In case the character does not possess the skill, usually subtracting three from the appropriate Characteristic is appropriate, i.e. Physique -3 for the aforementioned Vigor skill. Negative and null (zero) numbers are valid for Acting Value. Zero is average.

The Resisting Value is determined by the GameMaster. It most situations, it will consist of either a Difficulty Value or an opposing Skill Level, with various situational modifiers thrown in. Negative and null (zero) numbers are valid for Resisting Value. Zero is average, negative values effectively add to the Acting Value.

Difficulty Values:

Easy Everyday (Average) Competent Heroic Incredible
-2 0 2 4 6


Optional Rule: Quality of Success

If it's necessary to judge how well someone succeeded at a task, use Result Points. A partial success is worth 0 Result Points, any Success result generates Result Points equal to the Action Value minus 11.

Optional Rule: Exceptional Success and Failure

If the same three numbers come up on all three dice and the test was a Success, it becomes a Critical Success. If the test resulted in a Failure, it becomes a Fumble. 


Characteristic (and Skill Range)

The Characteristic Range for an adult human is from -3 to 6. The average Characteristic value for this range is 0, indicating neither advantage nor disadvantage. Skill Levels begin at 0 (basic knowledge) and increase thereafter. 3 is professional grade, 6 and higher are master levels of skill. Having no skill is different than a Skill Level of Zero..... characters with no skill use the unskilled penalty mentioned above (Characteristic -3) 


Atraxus is in a bar fight. He attacks Jayk. Atraxus has a Warfare Characteristic of 1, and a Fight skill of 1 (Atraxus is neither extremely talented nor experienced). Jayk has a Warfare of 4 (damn high), but no Fight skill. Atraxus' Acting Value is 1, plus the value of 3 six sided dice. The Resisting Value for Jayk is 1 (4 Warfare minus the three point penalty for lacking the Fight Skill). Atraxus' Player must roll an 10 or higher to damage Jayk at all, with a 12 or higher being preferable.