What have I been up to lately:


Site News:

Added Foes Page

Spun off Updates to its own page.

Starting a new campaign after previous Total Party Kill

Rules Page:

Stock Physical Mutation List Pulled "Inherent" off quite a few mutations

Character Creation Overview Updated starting funds

House Rules Updated Pistol and Rifle rules

Updated Campaign Skill List with a few new Talents and Profession Skills (Including Surgery rules)

Action Page:

The Story Broon told (Start of Mission 6)

Updated George w/ training

Updated Jacob Landry w/ training

Updated Ken Brimm w/ training

Episode Six, Act 1

Foes Page:

Power Armor, Powered Plate through Powered Assault

Morlock Savage (Black Spiral Clan)

Morlock Friendly(Red Star and Half Fist Clan)

Background Page:

Tech Level II updates to weapons

Cybernetic Implants, Hero Stats

Equipment List, Hero Stats Updated Drugs, Light sources, Weapons of mass destruction

NoRez Region Updated town names, fresh maps, and a couple of notes about Lex's Town.

Maps Page:

Crikey. Working on individual map grids, added zoom out of entire region

(Many) No-Rez area map updates.

Starting Campaign Area Zoom (Campaign Cartographer 3)

Lex's Town (Campaign Cartographer 3)

Sec/Tor 32 Storage Chambers / Drainage access

Sec/Tor 32 Management Offices / Mass Transit access

Currently under development:

Region background information for towns.

Subterranean maps of Lex's Town

Campaign Power guidelines (that would be character power, not the intricacies of H-Cell development)