Project Mjollnir


Mission Logs

Active Field Personnel:

Agent T. Blackfeather >>Mission Leader<<

Agent K. McQueen

Agent T. O'Rielly

Agent L. Ryzu

Agent S. Pitrie

Agent B. Sparks

Inactive Field Personnel:

Agent N. Freeman Reassigned

Agent J. Sanders MIA

Mission Resources:

Decrypted Document 1 (of 3)

Decrypted Document 2 (of 3)

Decrypted Document 3 (of 3)

Mission Briefing:

As presented by Director Altman:

3 samples of an experimental bioplague have been stolen. Concern over internal security measures has lead to a composite team, composed of members of agencies that have could have jurisdiction over seperate aspects of the investigation. The only lead that is available is that State Department Officials, when questioned, provided one name of significance: Pyotr Ledebev, Assistant Director of the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Khazakstan. He arrived on Friday, April 18. The mission Objectives are as follows:

1. Recover all three vials in an undamaged state.

2. Maintain an absolute level of secrecy. NO one is to know of the missing material, or even to know mission specifics. This includes members of the parent agencies of the agents.

3. Suppress evidence linking goverment involvement to any actions persuant to this investigations.

An important aspect of Objectives 2 and 3 is to minimize civilian casualties, and, more importantly, to maintain Mr. Ledebev in a healthy state. Political pressure resulting from any harm would not be beneficial to future operations.

Mission Assets include:

Limited Starting equipment, currently listed as being used on other operations (Two sidearms, 4 personal antitode sets, 2 Saenger-9 Palmtop computer units capable of worldwide comsat link, 4 wristmounted personal communicator device with a 500 meter range capable of linking to the Saenger 9 systems).

One contact for further equipment issue (Captain Mike Peterson, Alameda Naval Station).

3 Numbered bank accounts to draw funds from.

Operation Instructions:

Maintain the 500 meter communication distance from the Saenger-9 systems at all times. A dedicated team mainframe will be monitoring communications and life signs to dispatch a backup ops team if necessary.

Minimize message traffic to this agency, as we are in the process of an internal investigation to the loss of the material.

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