Ongoing Campaign Details

Life in the Core Worlds is safe, socially responsible, and occasionally profitable. It also requires the surrender of freedom, privacy, and responsibility.

You're one of those for whom this arrangement isn't such a bargain. In a system that only the powerful and the anonymous can get away with breaking rules and regulations, you were one of the latter. Until Fleet Intelligence Directive 181.901.832, which called of the detention and investigation of 11 individuals with criminal backgrounds. Your name was on that list.

You knew someone that was connected with an organization that made money by breaking laws. The Ariadne syndicate extracted you from the mess you were in. Provided transport to the so called Near Colonies, the thin band of civilization between the Core and the Frontier.

Of course, now you owe them a favor...

TPN - BIO/RED/002356894501
ACL - 10
Sponsor - Archaeus/AAD1
Required Skills - Starship Piloting, Advanced Medical, Escape and Evasion
Projected Threat Level - High

Sponsor requests a small team of professionals to retrieve 0.5 mt of extremely compromised cargo from an advanced Scout Class vessel in the Xenos sector, and transport it out of said sector (4 jumps minimum). Taget is aware of threat, as previously contracted team failed to achieve primary goals.