GURPS Rules Details and Specifications

Character Generation:

Characters start as 175 point GURPS characters, with the following 75 point Campaign Package mandatory:
+1 DX (20)
+1 IQ (20)
+1 HT (20)
Luck (Style) (15)
Alternate Identity (15)
Attractive Appearance (4)
Modular Ability
Chipslot 2,1 (16)

Enemies: Fleet Intelligence (-15)
Secret: Wanted by Fleet Intelligence (-20)

Other Modifications:
The campaign cost for Health has been increased to 20 Character Points, per level.
Strength is calculated as a Secondary Characteristic, derived from Health. It costs +5/-5 per level in the same manner Willpower does.
Willpower remains unchanged as a Secondary Characteristic. (+5/-5)
Perception is the same value as Willpower, and may not be increased or decreased with Character Points.
Secondary Characteristics may not be increased beyond 3 levels higher than the Attribute they are based on.

Basic Attributes and Secondary Characteristics may not be modified through training or experience more than 3 levels higher than the value set at character creation. Mechanical or Biological modification is required to exceed these levels.

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