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Hammer of the Gods - A cast of characters
as presented by
Fionn ap Gwynn, an Elf of Athel Loren

Fionn ap Gwynn
A woodland Elf of some young years, the by turns outgoing and withdrawn Fionn wanders the human Empire in search of adventure, easy profit, and something better to do. Burdened with a dark past, relief is only a distraction away. Our hero.

The girl, Zanya
The consistently withdrawn Zanya is a riddle to those who travel with her. Is she the lost princess of a forgotten kingdom? A taciturn veteran of shipping wars? A cultist who practices unspeakable rites hoping to become the most powerful witch on the continent? The group may never know.

Magnar, Dwarf of Action!
After learning his trade of killing for sport, Magnar has since moved on to bullying for hire. An enlightened fellow, that Magnar. Most happy when he knows who to attack, and needn't worry about why. Less cautious than a troll slayer, without the "easy dwarf women" perks.

Rarebard, peerless fool
A figure at turns excited and confused, the rustic Rarebard wanders the Empire, but nobody really knows why. Possibly more of a riddle than Zanya, as none of the answers we can think of make sense. Something interesting is always around the corner for Rarebard, the current 2:1 favorite to embark on the last great adventure... first.

Eckhardt the Devout
Last seen bunking in for the night, Eckhardt was always first to his knees in the presence of clergy, a fact that never once made him the butt of any jokes. He left a group of illiterates his "dear john" letter, which was thereafter consigned to the flame, lest it be bad luck.

Ulrich (no, the other one)
A simple man with simple tastes, Ulrich was a mercenary in search of a fighting unit. He joined one, but to be fair, he probably intended a group that fought other people well, instead of each other, poorly. Alas, poor Ulrich, dying in the closet while Eckhardt struggled on (for a time).

Herr Schiller of Untergardt
The man left in charge of a miserable village of miserable humans, Herr Schiller turned to us for help, proving the maxim that you take what you can get. Seemed a decent enough fellow, in spite of moving to the other side of a city, across the main wall, to get away from us. Still alive, as far as we know.

Father Morton, of the temple of Sigmar in Middenheim.
Father Morton died so that we can learn that Middenheim is infested with vermin. He probably also gave up where to find us, so the selfsame vermin could detonate half the building (proving the minimum force necessary to damage a dwarf who invests in plate mail).

Captain Schutzman
We met Captain Schutzman when he had us arrested and thrown in a cell. This was the last time someone new did something that both made sense and would extent their lifespan. Also still alive, proving my point.

Dean Vinhoffer, of the Middenheim Collegium
Looking into some interesting forbidden lore regarding black cults and unspeakable practices (for us), Dean Vinhoffer was either slightly deranged, partaking of forbidden substances, or desperately signaling his need for rescue from current circumstance. 3:1 says he's dead or disappeared when we return to Middenheim.

Sub Lector Abelard
Father Morton's superior, paid us (heathens) to take the priceless religious artefact out of the city, but offered an outstanding rate. Ka-Ching! Still alive, *as far as we know*.

Sir Otto of the Knights Panther
Heir to the macguffin fortune, Sir Otto died at the hands of a young woman in circumstances that polite people don't mention. Which ensured at least one person in our group couldn't figure out how it happened, and there aren't any polite people in our group.

Matthias Hoffer
Lead witch hunter of the investigation in Koningsgard into Sir Otto's fortunate demise, his was the decision what to do about a group of mercenaries possessing a black arts grimoire last seen in the presence of a which who summoned a demon that destroyed a castle. Also an object lesson in what happens to people who threaten Zanya, one way or the other. Quite dead.

Professor Vernor Bard, of the University of Talabheim
The last person we encouraged to investigate dark and forbidden cults, as he reeked slightly less of brimstone than our beloved Dean Vinhoffer. I suppose things could turn out well enough for him. If the group never stops by Talabheim again, I give it even money.